Back in the 80s Mr Tullio Granatello, an Italian craftsman, invented Tamburo, a drum brand which has become globally known for the staves building system on its famous models Original and Opera.

Two decades of research on design and materials led to the creation of Volume drums, an innovative brand focused on new building techniques and unusual materials to surprise you with unique features and sound ranges. 

Lightdrum has been the first Volume model to stroke the market.

Italian first quality centrifugate methacrylate shells equipped with brand new "Hi-Tension" lugs. 

A recent partnership with a Chinese enterprise, is going to boost the production with the Italian parent company know-how and supervision. 

Once again with melaminic shells, redesigned snare strainers, different shapes and materials for the "Hi-Tension" lugs, "snap and detach" rims, Volume is ready to shake up the percussion instruments market. 


"Groove Italia" company produces and distributes Volumedrums across Europe. The working team led by Granatello's family is composed of passionate technicians and musicians who design produce, supervise and sponsor the brand.


Tullio Granatello

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